Memphis, Tennessee


Thomas Greer

ELD Equates to Better Pay for the Drivers of One Tennessee Company

As there is still much discuss and debate the recently enforced ELD mandate from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there’s at least one trucking company in Chattanooga, Tennessee that has not only complied with the new regulation but […]

Thomas Greer

ELDs Equate to Better Safety and Better Pay for One Tennessee Trucking Company

A new mandate from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will go into effect this December, and the change has some in the industry worried. The new rule will require all drivers of commercial trucks and buses to utilize […]

Thomas Greer

Lamar Avenue Crash Leads to Arrest but will Leave Victim’s Family Under Compensated

There was a crash on Lamar Avenue at Knight Arnold on Monday, October 23, at about 9:30 p.m. that left one women dead.  Media reports say that Joseph Maxim, from San Bernadino, California has been arrested for disregarding a red […]

Thomas Greer

Google’s Waymo Competes with Tesla and Others to Deliver Self-Driving and Safe-Truck Technology

There are a lot of big names being bandied about when it comes to self-driving or driverless technology: Tesla, Apple and Uber just to name a few. Expand the topic to self-driving trucks, specifically semis or tractor-trailers, and you get […]

Thomas Greer

Institute Looking to Keep People Safe when Sharing the Road with Semitrailer Trucks

On June 6th, a careless driver in the Memphis area caused a succession of accidents on I-40 near Austin Peay Highway—one involving a small car that side-impacted a tractor trailer and slid under the truck between the wheels. One adult […]

Thomas Greer

FedEx: Self-Driving Trucks “Coming Faster than People Think”

You don’t have to look hard to find online stories discussing the future of self-driving vehicles. Whether it’s marveling over Tesla’s first-to-market technology or debates as to liability in the event of a crash, there’s no shortage of news fodder […]

Thomas Greer

Big Data Could Make Big Strides in Trucker Safety

No one denies that commercial trucking is big business, but more than a few seem to be slow on the uptake in acknowledging that an army of tractor-trailers continually traversing our nation can also cause some big problems. More traffic, […]

Thomas Greer

Some Truckers Are Unsafe At Any Speed

On the morning of February 16, the driver of a tractor-trailer traveling on I-44 just outside of Springfield, Missouri failed to slow down for stopping traffic (due to a previous non-fatal accident) and struck the rear of another 18-wheeler—moments before […]

Thomas Greer

Is Mandatory DUI-Testing a Good Idea?

For a tight-knit community in Phoenix, Arizona, the answer is yes. So much so that friends and neighbors have marched outside the state capitol, submitted over 4,000 petition signatures, and implored their local congressmen to support what has become known […]