Memphis, Tennessee


Thomas Greer

The Startling Connection between Hepatitis C and Opioid Addiction in Tennessee

As headlines in Tennessee continue to focus on the ravishing effects of opioid use, a “silent killer” could be adding insult to injury for those who are dealing with drug dependency. The disease is hepatitis C, and acute cases of […]

Thomas Greer

Current Opioid Laws Do Little for Those Born Into Addiction

In the Appalachian region of Tennessee, local lawmakers and law enforcement officials have watched legislation fall short when it comes to protecting the youngest victims of our current opioid crisis. Specifically, newborns suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS)—a collective term […]

Thomas Greer

Does Anyone Really Know How Many Lives Have Been Lost to Opioids?

Tennessee is a state that has been hit hard by the growing opioid epidemic. While the exponentially increasing number of overdose deaths due to the drug has been widely publicized, many officials doubt the accuracy of the figures reported—if anything, […]

Thomas Greer

Opioid Abuse Declared a National Emergency; Should Manufacturers Be Declared at Fault?

On August 10, President Trump declared our current opioid crisis a national emergency. He added to his statement by saying, “We’re going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money on the opioid […]

Thomas Greer

Caught on Camera: Car Bashes into Cyclist on Scenic Byway and Drives Off

July 8th began as a fairly normal Saturday for Tyler Noe of Nolensville, Tennessee as he ventured out on a morning bike ride with friend Greg Goodman. The two chose a section of the Natchez Trace Parkway—a 444-mile recreational road […]

Thomas Greer

Battling Birth Injuries with New MRI Technology

Diagnosing health issues with newborns can be a difficult task. Worse yet, many problems require early, if not immediate, detection in order to avoid the risk of permanent damage. Fortunately, there is a tried and true technology that is steadily […]